06 March 2014

So, This Lent Thing

I have always been a fan of doing something for Lent, as opposed to giving something up. I don't drink that much, I don't smoke, and, trust me, no one wants me giving up chocolate or caffeine. To that end, this year, I'm going to be writing every day and posting it. Some of it will be good, some of it will be crap, but it will be done and it will be here. Aren't you thrilled?

Seriously. There are days that this and my escitalopram are all that keep me from running down the block in my bathrobe, screaming.

Now, Lenten promises are usually more spiritual than that, but if some of the writing looks at things theological and spiritual, the exercise should manage to fit the bill. I would like to cordially invite anyone moved to point out to me that this isn't what Lenten sacrifice is "supposed" to be to have a piping hot cup of Shut the Hell Up. Do not piss the priest's kid off on this one.

Writing prompts and constructive criticism are welcome, unconstructive criticism is not, and trolls will be shot on sight. Thank you for flying and buckle up.

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